Troubleshooting Common Hearing Aid Problems

If you are one of the millions who utilize the help of hearing aids or other hearing devices, knowing how to maintain and troubleshoot your device when you have an issue is important.

Proper maintenance and care can help you reach optimum hearing potential and will help your device last longer. While you always have the option to take or send your device in for servicing, knowing how to adjust it yourself can be beneficial and save you time and money.

Common Hearing Aid Problems and Solutions to Try:

Hearing device will not power on or has no sound:

  • Dead battery – Replace the battery
  • The receiver tube may be obstructed – Remove the blockage and thoroughly clean  your device
  • The device may be damaged – Contact your hearing professional

Volume is too low:

  • The receiver tube may be obstructed – Remove the blockage and thoroughly clean your device
  • Ensure device is on the correct program and volume – Put your device back on the correct settings
  • Dust or lint may have accumulated in the controls – A thorough cleaning and then ensure they are on the correct settings
  • Your hearing has changed – Speak to your hearing professional to have a new evaluation

There is feedback, whistling or the sound is inconsistent:

  • Battery may be running low – Replace battery
  • Battery contact may be corroded – Check the battery connection – if corroded, open and close the door several times to clean the contacts
  • The device is misaligned and improperly placed in the ear – Remove your device and reinsert it. Make sure you are facing forward and have it placed properly in your ear
  • Ill-fitting earpiece – Try a different size or shape
  • Damage to the device – In some cases, cracks or other damage to the device or tubing require replacement. You can do this yourself
  • Volume is too loud – Try turning down the volume
  • Ear wax blockage in ear – If you have a serious blockage in  your ear, please seek professional assistance in cleaning your ears

Moisture damage:

  • Any dysfunction after accidentally getting hearing aid wet – Remove the device, allow to dry.
  • The device is damaged, and no troubleshooting will help fix it. It’s time to book an appointment with the professionals at Hearing Balance & Speech Center.

Living life with a hearing impairment has its own unique set of challenges. Knowing how to handle problems with hearing aids can take some of the inconvenience away from having to wait for a service to be done on your device.

If you’d like to discuss further or book in for an appointment, please contact us  at Hearing, Balance, & Speech Center to speak with one of our hearing professionals. We are here to help you make the most of your hearing aids and take care of all your listening needs.

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