Patient Testimonials

Thank you to our patients who have allowed us to post their thank you letters as testimonials to the wonderful service our Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists provide. We appreciate it more than you know!

Janice treats me very well, I would not want any other audiologist. I also love HBSC and would not go to any other hearing center. I always recommend HBSC to anyone who asked me.

Janice Howard recommended Oticon hearing aids for me - it was life changing! I can't believe how much I was missing. She is an exceptional audiologist. I have already recommended her to several friends!

It is the attention to detail and the desire to "get it right" that not only gives me confidence, but makes me feel comfortable in recommending HBSC to friends and my patients. Thank you Janice Howard.

Visiting your office and becoming acquainted with your Hearing center was truly an interesting and pleasant experience. In the past my husband and I have been to different hearing aid specialists in other locations. However, I have found that your Hearing aid Center is by far more superior in regards to exam, clear explanations and important instructions - and even including along with my ear phones, a bag of necessary and useful ear apparatus and instruction book. I now intend to also have my husbands ears checked out at your Bristol office.

HBS is an outstanding organization. Very professional. I have always felt that my hearing issues have been taken care of extremely well at HBS. Their products are state of the art and client care is excellent. They make me feel I am a priority, Janice Howard is the best!

Janice is wonderful wonderful, knowledgeable and nice!

I couldn't be more satisfied with the recent purchase of my hearing aids. Ronni Mathews was extremely helpful in all areas of this process and she also introduced me to the CapTel phone. Because of her expertise she has given me a new lease on life. I didn't realize what I was missing. Thank you.

The hearing aids are revolutionary and amazing. The help and knowledge from HBSC is unlike anybody else. Thank you.

My needs are always taken care of.

I received my hearing assessment from Janice and then my hearing aids! When I received my hearing aids and put them in for the first time, I heard the beautiful music of the birds singing joyfully in my backyard....and I cried with happiness and appreciation. Thanks to everyone at Hearing, Balance and Speech for your support.

From the moment I met Dr. Bauman, I knew I was in goo hands. He was warm, kind, and clearly an expert in his field. Six months leading up to my appointment were very unpleasant for mew. I was in a constant state of frustration with my tinnitus and losing hope that it would improve. A colleague sent me a link to Dr. Bauman's website and I'm so happy she did. My first appointment was four hours in length and I felt like I had my own personal mentor. Dr. Bauman took great care in explaining and demystifying tinnitus for me. We looked at charts, graphs, models and stats that provided me with a solid foundation. Then embarked on a number of tests. Ultimately, I was fitted with a special kind of hearing device (invented by Dr. Bauman) that partially masks my tinnitus, making it less bothersome and troublesome. The goal is that over time, my brain will learn to ignore the tinnitus sounds. The next day was the happiest and most peaceful day I had experienced in six months. Thanks to hearing devices, hours went by without being bothered by tinnitus. Between that and CBT, I'm feeling more hopeful than ever. If anyone is struggling with tinnitus and has the good fortune to see Dr. Bauman in CT, I highly recommend doing so!

Richard Cipolla is a top-shelf, first-class, knowledgeable hearing professional. From the initial appointment, his calming manner, extraordinary experience and sense of humor gave me confidence immediately. His teaching demonstration about use and care of the hearing aids were perfect. I am grateful for his understanding and sensibility. My husband was very impressed, also thank you for the opportunity to share these thoughts and deserved praise.

Janice Howard is a terrific audiologist! She is always professional, patient, courteous and her happy, friendly attitude makes my visit to Hearing, Balance and Speech Center a complete pleasure.

Ronni Mathews is great. She explained everything. She is very friendly and courteous. Front desk reception is also very friendly.

I am glad to be working with Janice Howard. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, concerned for my needs and satisfaction and could not be any nicer during my visits.

I am a very happy woman by getting my hearing aids. My quality of life has changed, my balance, speech and hearing is 95%. I will refer this company to anyone. Ronni Mathews performance 100%.

I love Janice - we've been together about 20 years. Always helpful and does not rush. She spends a lot of time with me and explains everything in detail.

Dr. Bauman & staff are great! The best! Thank you for everything.

Everyone is very curteous. Ronni is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. Staff went over above and beyond checking insurance and providing me with information.

Janice Howard is capable and explains with patience when a question is asked. She was recommended by 2 of my friends.

I have been visiting Janice for over 20 years. You & I could not do any better for a representative of your business.

In all my years of dealing with audiologists, I have never met anyone more knowledgeable than Dr. Bauman nor have I ever had such thorough hearing exam!

I cannot say enough about the excellent care & treatment I received at the Waterbury office. Ronni & her assistant were very knowledgeable, professional and down to earth. They were very accommodating with respect to work schedule. I am definitely a loyal patient! Thank you!

I can simply tell you I was extremely pleased in all ways especially Ronni's effort to adjust my hearing aids. They are now comfortable and I am happy.

It is a pleasure to work with Janice Howard.

Very good service.

Thanks Richard for all your great help! Caring about your patients is more important thank anything. I always feel taken care of.

I have been a patient of the Hearing, Balance and Speech Center for the past four years. THe staff are all highly trained professionals who focus their knowledge and expertise on my personal hearing needs. They have always made every effort to provide the best product available with my financial means.

Before getting the hearing aids, I was extremely distracted in class. Concentration was particularly impossible and I often got upset. Now, I can learn in school with much greater ease then before!

I have been a client for almost 15 years and this purchase is my 3rd pair of hearing aids. I have the 1st pair for 10 years; the 2nd pair for 4.5 years and decided to purchase the current pair due to the advances in technology.

I can't recommend Janice Howard highly enough. Her careful attention to detail, warm and engaging manner and exceptional professionalism make the whole process easy and uncomplicated.

I think we are so lucky to have someone like Richard taking care of me. He really cares about our hearing aids being right for us. He is so patient and concerned that they fit right in every way. Thank you Richard.

Janice was just wonderful with our mom "Bridie".

Janice Howard is terrific! Courteous, professional, friendly, upbeat and helpful. Listens to questions and issues very carefully and always has an answer or solution!

You have been so kind and thoughtful and I truly appreciate your generosity. I am so grateful for you and your professional services. May God continue to bless you and all that you do.

The purpose of this e mail is to thank Hearing, Balance & Speech Center, most specifically Janice Howard, for changing my life.

Janice first provided my mother with a hearing aid and then met her every request for help, service and numerous questions or concerns that allowed my mom to have confidence in social settings, on the telephone or simply enjoying a movie, play or television show without confusion or embarrassment because on her hearing loss. Many times, your Hamden office and Janice went above and beyond to meet the slightest concerns that can often be upsetting when a hearing aid does not seem to be working for any person, especially an elderly person who lives independently.

When it became apparent that my own hearing loss, fairly significant for 45 year old, was effecting all aspects of my life, I contacted Janice. She took the fear and concern that had kept me from facing how much this hearing loss was effecting all the people I was surrounded by away immediately and even was able to explain neck and back pain that I had from my continual "reaching" to hear.

I have, and will continue to recommended Janice Howard and Hearing, Balance & Speech to numerous people and I cannot say enough about how pleasant every employee is. I actually look forward to appointments as I know I will always walk away better than when I arrived!

Best experience I have ever had with an audiologist.

Janice is great - professional, personable and knowledgeable.

I have never met a more compassionate professional thank Dr. Bauman and would recommend him whole-heatedly and without hesitation to anyone suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss. When I began seeing Dr. Bauman, I didn't much care about my hearing loss but I could not live with the tinnitus which plagued me. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first when he told me that I could learn to live with my tinnitus. His emphasis on the positive was a little hard to take. Then I started listen to what he was telling me and I practiced this new way of thinking. Through our weekly email communications, Dr. Bauman helped me learn to deemphasize the ever-present noise in my head until one day it just stopped bothering me. When my tinnitus hit, I knew it wouldn't last and, at times, it wasn't there at all. I realized that my tinnitus didn't own me anymore. It was life changing. Dr. Bauman showed me that I could live happily not just with horrible tinnitus but with hearing loss as well. His latest assistance in helping me to obtain the best set of hearing aids for tinnitus patients further demonstrated his commitment to my well-being. Words cannot express my gratitude for this brilliant, empathetic doctor. Just know that when he tells you, "You're worth it," he truly means it.

I trust Janice Howard completely with my care, and I recommend her to my friends!

My overall satisfaction with Hearing, Balance & Speech is excellent. Janice Howard has been very patient in explaining my hearing loss, how it could be corrected and consequences of not using a hearing device. Her professionalism encouraged me to move forward and purchase hearing aids.

I have had a good experience. Richard was able to help me obtain my current hearing aids and they are much better then the previous.

This is my first hearing aid from the practice but my third pair of hearing aids. No competition to either the hearing aids or the person that took care of me. Both Janice and the hearing aids are far superior!

I have a long history with Dr. Bauman and have experienced, not only his expertise in hearing health, but also the concern for me as a patient. I am the recipient of expert and resourceful attention! In addition, I am impressed with front office staff. I always feel as if I am the only person having an appointment on that day!

You literally made purchasing the hearing aids so painless, you are absolutely amazing and knowing you for such great time has been so wonderful. I can't thank you enough for all your help Janice. I will probably be astound at the changes. My deep felt thanks as always.

Excellent service!

Thank you to Dr. Bauman for his creation of the Vivatone hearing aid in 2004. I believe that is the correct year. The Vivatone was my first hearing aid and I still wear it at night and/or as a backup. It still works great and it's been approx. 10-11 years.

Educational and interesting! Thanks for sparking my interest in these wonderful creations...the hearing aids!! They have opened my world to many sounds I didn't realize I was missing. I am so grateful to have hearing aids.

And, thanks to Janice Howard, my audiologist! Initially, I had a hard time accepting the fact that I needed hearing aids. Janice was supportive then and she is still so supportive and caring, after all these years. She is very knowledgeable, empathetic and has a way of explaining things to you and makes sure you understand any issues. Exceptional Professionalism, to me, and I am so grateful to have her as my audiologist!!

And, thanks to the staff!

I am very happy with the service and your product. I have reccommended and handed out Dr. Bauman's cards several times. Your clinic discovered why I was always off balance and I am now on my way to fixing this problem! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Janice Howard is very nice and helpful.

Totally satisfied, especially the knowledge and professionalism of the audiologist Richard Cipolla.

I have been going to Hearing, Balance and Speech Center since probably 1993. Where it took two years to convince my parents that I needed hearing aids. I got my set of hearing aids in 1995 through HBSC.

The personnel that work at HBSC have been great to me! As a person with disabilities that I've had all my life. HBSC staff are able to explain things to me on a level that I understand.

Janice Howard has been great to me. Janice is able to explain my hearing loss, hearing aids that I'm wearing and have worn in depth features of hearing aids ect. because I have a learning disability that I've had all my life.

I think everything they do is top class and I wouldn't change a thing. Very Courteous and caring. I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I can't thank you enough for everything you did to help explain how to care for them. Thanks again.

Dr. Bauman invented much of the digital technology used in modern hearing aids and continues to invent. The care I have received from him has been superb.

Janice Howard is the Best! Reason for returning.

I have received excellent service from Janice Howard. I really appreciate her patience and willingness to answer all of my questions. Thank you!

I was satisfied with the friendliness and professionalism of the office staff. The hearing aids seem to be of good quality and working well for me.

Very positive and extremely pleased with these hearing aids.

The product is wonderful. I didn't realize how bad my hearing was. Thank you!

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with Janice Howard of Hearing & Speech Center. It is always a pleasure to meet with Janice. She is so kind and patient, answering all my questions, anxious to fine tune the hearing aids so I will have a clearer hearing experience. I always recommend your company to my friends because I am so pleased with the professionalism and courtesy I have received.

Best all around team effort possible. Excellent staff!

I was very happy with all the service. Than you!

Excellent! Caring way beyond the norm - understanding how upset people can be with tinnitus, hyperacusis, hearing loss ect. Not just the usual Dr. approach. Very personal.

My hearing care professional is top notch. I could not ask for better service, knowledge, honesty and care. Jan Howard is committed professional to the needs of her patients. I have been in her care for 21 years.

I have been a patient of HBS for many years and recently purchased my third pair of aids based on Richard's recommendation and expertise. All staff that I have dealt with over the years have provided positive experiences. Besides his knowledge, Richard is nice with a capital N which is very important to me. It's always a pleasure to see him. The technology advancement in my new aids are very impressive.

Could not be happier with the excellent personal care to insure I best hear the world. Everyone is caring, kind and professional. My son was so tired of me saying what? I had to get the hearing equipment. It is so worth getting for conversation, balance and brain function. Wish I had not waited so long to get them.

I am totally satisfied with all aspects of HBS, but most especially with Janice Howard!

Janice could not be more wonderful, caring, helpful, clear in the explanations, skillful at problem solving, and warm and generous with her time. I could not be more pleased. I'd recommend her without qualification.

Dr. Bauman is a genius with solving problems. Nothing is too complicated or too challenging.

SERVICE OUTSTANDING! Janice Howard has been an outstanding help for me for many years. I have only one hearing ear and this ear has a profound hearing loss, somehow, with great patience, understanding and expert advice and attention Janice has helped me immeasurably. I can unhesitatingly recommend her for all of your hearing issues.

Janice Howard is outstanding! She is very knowledgeable and a good teacher - patient and understanding if you do not at first understand. Janice is very compassionate and always acts in the best interest of her clients. I have referred many people to her. A wonderful person!

The audiologist, Janice Howard, made the whole experience very pleasant. Her friendly, enthusiastic, and informative interaction with both me and my wife will be remembered.

Dr. Bauman and his staff are very helpful and caring. I appreciated the help the are providing me and would recommend others to see Dr. Bauman. He is courteous and caring and always willing to listen to concerns I may have about my Tinnitus condition.

Keep Janice on board, she is a treasure. You may think I was "paid" for my survey - But it is all TRUE. Thank you for your services.

I greatly appreciate Dr. Bauman's expertise, gentleness, professionalism and sincere desire to see that I receive the product that is best for me. The process flowed easily, with no obstacles, long waits or disappointments along the way. My new hearing aids are perfect for me. I can hear well, adjust the hearing aids easily from my iPhone and love the Bluetooth capability.

The Best!

Dr. Zelda S was clear and very helpful- she knows what is best for each patient.

I am very pleased. The hardest thing was admitting to myself and realizing that I really needed them and wasn't hearing the way I should be.

Dr. Shleifer is very knowledgeable and caring about my individual needs.

I want to thank Dr. Bauman , Mary and the staff of Hearing , Balance and Speech for their professionalism, true caring and individual treatment. Dr. Bauman is a supreme professional who knows so much and is constantly seeking solutions especially for someone like me who has multiple hearing problems, inc tinnitus and severe hearing loss especially in one ear.

I strongly recommend Hearing , Balance and Speech to anyone suffering from hearing loss, but especially those who might want to give up on improving their hearing. I have professional responsibilities in large group meetings, conferences and gatherings where there is significant ambient noise. Dr. Bauman has devised ways to help hearing in the most severely impaired ear and it is helping.

His assistant, Mary, is always concerned with my progress and anything she can do to help. Thanks to the whole practice for being so competent.

I know what I am thankful for... I am thankful for all of the wonderful staff at Hearing Balance and Speech Center! Thank you for always being there for me. My family and I appreciate you all very much! Please know that you make a difference!

Dear Dr. Bauman, I am writing to say that I am very grateful for your help and assistance with getting me the hearing aid. Being able to hear has made such a tremendous difference in my life! I did not realize just how disabled I was before you helped me. You have been so kind to donate your professional services for testing, the hearing aid, and the follow up visits. Again, I thank you. May god bless you.

Dr. Zelda Shleifer waited for us for an hour once to keep our appointment because we got lost on the way to the office. Dr. Zelda Shleifer patiently explained to my husband why our daughter could hear his voice but not mine. Dr. Zelda Shleifer is fantastic!

I want you to know of my recent experience with Rich Cipolla. I brought my mother-in-law in for a recent fitting and follow-up. Rich was phenomenal. He is knowledgeable and more importantly, compassionate. He takes time to fully explain the experience that a first time hearing aid user should expect. He treated her as if she was his own mother. You have the perfect person in place with Rich.

I am so happy with my new hearing aid purchased Nov. 6th. Life is so much better now! Get togethers with friends was difficult as I could not hear most of the conversations, I would just nod my head like I knew what was said…..I found myself making excuses to not go. At plays or lectures I would sit in the front row and still miss much of what was said….if others laughed, I would laugh also. I do believe that there is an emotional toll and fatigue that goes along with hearing loss, as I was trying so hard to hear words that I didn’t really listen to the entire conversation. I now feel like a new person! It is wonderful to hear the birds singing again and the rustle of leaves! My husband and family are thrilled with the results! Janice Howard was wonderful, very knowledgeable and showed me so many options with my hearing aid. Now I can fly!

I have had a hearing problem for over 10 years but chose to ignore and adapt. However the last several years it has become increasingly worse so I decided to do something about it. Having received an ad regarding Dr. Bauman’s Hearing Balance facility, I made an appointment. Being slightly terrified, I entered the facility to be met by Mary, a warm, friendly, compassionate woman who immediately put me at ease and explained Dr. Bauman’s work. Upon meeting Dr. Bauman, he too was warm and friendly. He tested me, and, of course I needed a hearing system, he saw the surge of panic on my face and immediately explained the entire procedure in layman terms. This alleviated my panic and I was heading toward acceptance. In the following weeks I obtained my system and have become more comfortable with it. My overall experience with Dr. Bauman’s Hearing Balance facility has been pleasant, comfortable and educational. I highly recommend Dr. Bauman and his staff.

Dear Richard, Having been the owner of a new pair of hearing aids for over two years, I was really not looking forward to a new device nor new recommendations. Your empathy, warmth, humor and professionalism certainly carried the day. I appreciate your teaching methods even though I’m not able to follow through as well as I would like. I shall persevere. Many Thanks!

After many years of missing most of the audio at movies and restaurant dinners, and using progressively more and more expensive hearing aids, my life changed on August 12, 2014. That’s the day Dr. Bauman fitted me with Resound Linx hearing aids that he had carefully tuned to my exact needs and given me additional settings for restaurants, movies, and sailing. He invented much of the state of the art hearing technology in use today and holds many patents. He is truly a giant in the hearing aid field and is still so thoughtful about giving all necessary time and attention to his patients. I am forever indebted to him.

With Janice Howard at Hearing, Balance and Speech, I have been in the most professional, thorough and caring of hands. She has guided me back to healthy hearing in all settings, always been available for adjustments and problem-solving on short notice, and conveyed that she has my interests as the object of all she does for me.

Ben Taylor was extremely patient and helpful in his attention to my hearing needs. He made many adjustments until he was certain that my hearing aids were the best available to compensate for my hearing loss. Since my wife was affected by my hearing problems she accompanied me on my appointments with Mr. Taylor. She shares my views of his patience and competence and we both feel fortunate in our choice of Ben Taylor for the important quality of life issues that he handled for us.

Extremely satisfied with the services provided to me. Everyone was very professional, courteous, and thorough in explanation of my needs. Very happy with my hearing aids!

Janice Howard is the consummate professional. Her integrity, expertise and caring encouragement have contributed to my adjustment and comfort in wearing hearing aids over the last 9 1/2 years.

I wanted to write you about the ideal experience I have had with Janice Howard. I got my original hearing aid through her, after she was strongly recommended by my doctor. Since then I have been totally satisfied with her work. She helped me keep my old hearing aid going, until the Resound came along which she suggested I try. It is an enormous improvement over my old aid and she has worked with me until it worked perfectly for me. I know everybody things she is great, but I wanted to put in my 2 cents.

I was having trouble hearing and was referred by the Doctor to Ben Taylor,at the Hearing,Balance and Speech Center. He recommended after testing, the Resound Verso device which he was confident would benefit me. They are light weight fit in back of the ears with a small in the ear receiver,can’t be noticed and very comfortable. T.V. and phone calls are clear without background noise. The two ear pieces work together, music now is clear and I can hear all the words which accompany the songs. I am now experiencing the wonderful sounds of family and friends, the joy I had lost until now! THANK YOU RESOUND VERSO!

I had been trying for a very long time to get my husband and mother to be tested for their hearing. Being with the both of them on a daily basis had become very frustrating as they both had profound hearing losses and said the word “what” over and over again. So I made an appointment for myself and brought everyone along with me. As it turned out, my husband’s hearing loss was very profound as was my mother’s. It did not take too much convincing after they had a trial of a hearing aid that improved the quality of their lives immensely.

Janice Howard was experiencing a small problem with the computer program as she was evaluating my husband. Anything related to computers is my husband’s forte. So we let Alan fix her computer and it took no convincing after that to makie him a very big fan of the hearing aid. You have to have a lot of patience with an item like a hearing aid when you are trying to convince my husband he needs to spend some money on such a large ticket item. He still believes they cost 5. So we have nicknamed him “ole fish hooks”.

Mrs. Howard’s phenomenal command of the older individual in the field of hearing loss is truly astonishing. In the process of listening to Janice talk to the individual who has become hard of hearing you will form a life changing friendship with her as she puts all he skills ans sophistication to use with her accomplished staff. Her charm, warmth and caring will amaze you. Even ole fish hooks had no problem putting his hands into his pockets to pay for the hearing aids.

Every appointment we’ve had with the Hearing, Balance and Speech Center has been one of knowledge, pleasure and utmost satisfaction. Every patient is treated as the most important individual within their practice. When an emergency has arisen, they have taken the time to contact us to give us the opportunity to reschedule is we wish. The value they place on their patients is excellent.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the office and support staff of the Hearing, Balance and Speech Center. They are an integral part of the office without which the Center could not function. I have nothing but the highest admiration for the entire staff at the Hearing, Balance and Speech Center. Writing this testimonial was one of the most delightful things I have been asked to do and it has been my husband and my pleasure to say so many wonderful and truthful things about the staff. Our experiences have only been positive and I know it will always continue to be that way.

I hear only out of one ear and have had the need for a hearing aid since 1988 following surgery. My hearing ear has a severe loss so I have sought the most expert advice available. I cannot say enough good things about the competent, expert and caring advice I have experienced with Janice Howard. I am convinced your hearing aid professional is the most important link in the quest for hearing aid assistance. In this regard you will never regret consulting with Janice Howard.

I honestly didn’t think I could hear any better than I was. I didn’t understand how a hearing aid would help me hear any better. I also didn’t realize how much hearing I’d lost. My new ‘ears’ are wonderful! I now hear things I didn’t realize I was missing: like the birds chirping or how loud the TV really was. I am very pleased with my ‘new ears’ and would highly recommend them. Thank you for bringing my hearing back.

I want to thank the staff at the Hamden based Hearing, Balance and Speech Center for the service I received from them. I have had a hearing problem sometime and unfortunately could not attend to it due to home problems. However one day my next door neighbor recommended your facilities. Fortunately I took he advice. Although I regained only 80% of my hearing (because I waited too long) I’m enjoying conversing with people even in a noisy restaurant. The event that pleased me most of all is when my door bell rang and I answered the door. My nephew said to me ‘Auntie Jo you heard the door bell.’ Again, I repeat myself, I’m really very pleased for the service rendered by an excellent organization. P.S. I was very fortunate in having G.T. as my hearing specialist. She is the greatest.

Dear Janice, I couldn’t let this opportunity go by without saying a resounding “Thank You” for helping me transition to hearing aides! I was at the point in my hearing loss where I was feeling old and angry, actually wondering why “everyone” was speaking so softly. I was quickly starting to respond to their barely heard comments with “oh wow”, thinking I had a clue what they said. The open canal aides you suggested are perfect. I like not feeling like I am in a cave and using the hearing I still have. The 4 different settings we decided on seem perfect, and I regularly use 3 of them. Thank you for taking all the time you have to make sure these are right for me, and explaining the way I can make the most of them. I never have felt rushed, for which I am eternally grateful. I look forward to continuing to work together…you are the best. Thanks again.

I would like to enthusiastically support the work of Janice Howard toward making my experience with hearing aids a success. She has tirelessly given her efforts toward this in a very professional way, taking extra time to make everything right.

I am so pleased to be able to share my exuberance with my recent purchase of a New Interton Hearing Aid and all its High tech accoutrements. I must admit I have not yet mastered the many nuisances of my hearing aid products but, I know I will with a little time and attention to product detail. I must commend Ms. Janice Howard on her exemplary professionalism, overall patience and never ending kindness with product choice, delivery and client education process. Hearing Speech and Balance Center is truly blessed to have such an outstanding professional in the Company’s Employ. Thank you for the gift of Hearing.

Dear Kurt, My mother and I would like you to know how much we have appreciated the time, patience and attention that you have taken to thoroughly educate my mother in the new technology and importance of wearing her hearing aids. My mother being 91 years old needed the extra attention, encouragement and caring you have given her. We had visited and decided against two other offices before finding you...and we would without hesitation refer others to see you. There are not enough individuals that are willing to take the time to make their clients happy and successful and make them a part of the hearing world again!

Dear GT, I want to tell you how pleased I am with my new hearing instruments. They are doing what you said you would! There is no ambiguity in what others have said in any setting. The versatility of the controller allows me to reduce the interference of unwanted noise. I can enter a conversation with others and make sense. This is a great plus, thanks to you!

My husband and I have been happy with the great care we have received over many years. G.T. has helped me hear again. There have been other companies competing for our latest purchases, but our trust is in G.T. She knows what’s best for us!

A friend who suffered from tinnitus told me about Dr. Bauman about 12 years ago. I didn’t know at the time that I’d have need of his services, but when my own tinnitus surfaced two years ago, I remembered my friend’s recommendation. It took me too long to make the appointment; I resisted the idea of wearing hearing aids, after all wasn’t I too young to need them? I saw a local well-regarded audiologist who told me that there is nothing to be done. I tried remedies: The ‘ginko biloba’ treatment seemed to have some positive results but when I read about the long-term effects of this product of nature as a powerful blood thinner when taken in large doses, I decided to seek a safer route to sanity. I really did feel like I was losing my mind due to sleep loss related to the tinnitus and this was putting me into depression.

Since I started wearing my new ears tuned to the tinnitus programs my life has changed completely. It’s not that the tinnitus has disappeared, only that I am no longer bothered by it. I’m sleeping better and thinking better, not living at the the mercy of my tinnitus but able to control it with the help of Dr. Bauman. The hearing aids are so unobtrusive I can wear a riding helmet without removing them.

If you like the science part of it, Dr Bauman will share his vast knowledge of a lifetime of study in terms you can understand and relate to. I’ve told my primary care doctor about the practice and she has referred patients to Dr Bauman. Another friend is now getting the relief she needed thanks to his care. Thank you Dr. Bauman and the wonderful staff at the Hamden office!

I have been suffering with tinnitus since 1982. Over the years I have been to several top specialists on the east coast. Only Dr. Bauman was able to help me understand ‘that noise in my head’. Using the latest technology in hearing devices and balancing them with my particular problem my tinnitus is now under control. Thank you to Dr. Bauman.

My son (now 12 years old) has been struggling with outrageous reactions to sounds for as long as he can remember. Before seeking treatment, he had to eat upstairs in his bedroom with the door closed because he could not stand hearing our family ear (he could even hear the fizz of a carbonated beverage going own my throat). He tried very hard to sit with others at mealtimes in social situations, but it came to a point where it was unbearable for him and unbearable for me as a mother, to watch him go through this.

In October 2011, we sought the help of the New England tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic and Audiologist Dr. Natan Bauman. Dr. Bauman was well known for treating sound sensitivity disorders and understood what my son was experiencing with his misophonia. After thorough testing and answering a series of questions, Dr. Bauman diagnosed my son with misophonia. He explained in full detail in a way that we could understand, what exactly was going on with my son. After we understood the diagnosis, he went on to explain how we were going to treat it.

My son was fit with some devices that he wears behind his ears that supply white noise to his listening environment. Along with the devices, Dr. Bauman also started to counsel him on how to deal with the sounds and provided him with exercises to use to help him through stressful “social eating” situations. By December 2011, my son was able to eat wit his brother at the table.

At our last visit in April 2012, Dr. Bauman noted that my son had improved 60%. My son has actually been able to go out to dinner with others without having to wear his white noise devices. We still have some work to do before we are 100%, but it sure is an improvement from where we were at.

I highly recommend for anyone suffering from Misophonia to seek help from Dr. Bauman at the New England Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic. Dr. Bauman has shown a lot of knowledge of the subject, patience and compassion at every appointment.

When my daughter was 16, we finally found someone that would be able to help her manage her misophonia. My daughter was sensitive to chewing, breathing, tapping, typing, and the sound of skin rubbing together. While she didn’t have as many problems dealing with it out in social settings, usually because her social environment was louder and very busy, she struggled with handling her anxiety when hearing these sounds at home. To avoid confrontation wit the family, she often at meals and watched television alone, activities that would have been nice to do as a family.

We went to the New England tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic in June 2011 to see audiologist, Dr. Natan Bauman. After our evaluation, Dr. Bauman explained what was going on with my daughter and how she can get better.

The first step was to wear some devices that looked similar to hearing aids but produced a white noise type of sound that was meant to block out the aggravating sounds. After she was comfortable with her devices, he started to teach her some different exercises to do when the sounds started to irritate her.

It has taken some time, but we feel that Dr. Bauman’s treatment has helped our daughter tremendously. Since treatment began we have been able to enjoy casual meals together and engage in activities as a family. Most importantly out daughter has tools available that help her manage her anxiety and her tolerance to the sounds that trigger the misophonia.

At age 21, I finally sought some help for my misophonia, a sound sensitivity disorder that I have been experiencing for the past 10 years. As I write this, I can’t even believe what I would put myself through just to try to engage in social activity or go to school. Headsets with music playing were somewhat of a lifesaver to me, (however, they often defeated the purpose of trying to enjoy a movie or concentrate on a lesson). Each day that I left my home, I found myself mentally preparing myself for the sounds that I may encounter and how I could avoid them whenever possible. When I did hear the sounds, they would trigger a silent rage inside of me, leading me to make rude remarks, harsh glares, and causing a lot of anxiety.

I went to the New England Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic in September of 2011. Dr. Bauman explained to me what I was experiencing and has me wearing devices that provide white noise (much more discreet than wearing my ipod everywhere). He has also counseled me with some exercises to use to alleviate my misophonia. My last appointment was in April 2012 and I feel that I have improved 50%. I feel that without this treatment, my anxiety would be over the top and I would have a lot more difficulties participating in my career and my social environments.

Our daughter is a 22 year old college graduate who is now earning her Master’s Degree. At age 17, we knew her behavior of not tolerating her family habits due to noise related sounds was not normal. We took her to a few psychiatrists and therapists, she was diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and depression. Over the years she was not improving, it seemed to get worse even with medication and having a therapist. She never told any close friends about her personal problem. She was afraid of being labeled and loosing friendships. She only confided in her school guidance counselor, Aunt an Grandparents. She wanted to get better, but her symptoms only increased. Anxiety issues escalated over the years. During college, she researched her symptoms on the internet and found a possible diagnosis that she was struggling with Misophonia. Her father’s eating sounds, he sister’s gum chewing and her mother’s nail picking and hair twirling were all annoying habits from people she love. However, she was having difficulty focusing with the noise in a classroom from her peers. She felt guilty with these inner feelings yet she couldn’t help the way she felt. She never needed a therapist, all she needed was an Audiologist named Dr. Bauman

On December 20. 2015, Dr. Bauman diagnosed our daughter with Misophonia. Our tears shed were sadness and happiness especially when Dr. Bauman promised he could help her. The CBT treatment plan for sensitivity to sounds with Dr. Bauman is totally different compared to the OCD cognitive behavior therapy treatment. During the 4 years of her treatment plan with her therapist did we ever see positive results as we are seeing now with Dr. Bauman. Our daughter is in her 6 month of treatment with Dr. Bauman. She says “she still has a way to go,” but has made remarkable progress.

We recommend Dr. Bauman to any family that has to deal with a child having sensitivity to sounds. His bedside manner is remarkable to his patient and his family. We are fortunate enough to have Dr. Bauman’s practice in Connecticut where we live. I encourage anyone who might have to travel the distance to do so. We will forever be grateful to Dr. Bauman for helping our daughter.