Telehealth Services with Oticon’s RemoteCare App

eHealth or telehealth services have existed for many years now and have been used in various healthcare fields, including cardiology, psychiatry, dermatology and radiology. In more recent years, telehealth services have grown within the hearing care industry. This has allowed hearing care professionals to provide hearing care services (i.e. hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings and other hearing care support) using eHealth / telehealth platforms as the delivery model. This offers many benefits in terms of hearing healthcare accessibility and treatment outcomes.

Introducing Oticon’s RemoteCare App

Oticon RemoteCare App (telehalth Services) available at Kenwood Hearing Center

The Oticon RemoteCare app is a telehealth solution that allows hearing care professionals to communicate with patients and make real-time adjustments to the patients’ hearing aids remotely using a PC camera or external camera, a microphone and speakers or headset, and a stable internet connection. This allows us to connect via audio and video communication to patients virtually, in real-time for convenient adjustments of one’s hearing aid device(s).

This means as a patient, you could potentially have your hearing aids adjusted anywhere. Other benefits of using this telethealth solution include:

  • Video chat: You can have a face-to-face, virtual appointment with your hearing care professional where they can offer online counseling or hearing care support.
  • Full fine-tuning capabilities: Your hearing care professional can make nearly all the same changes to your hearing aid device(s) remotely as in the clinic.
  • Real-time adjustments: Your hearing care professional can make adjustments to your hearing aid device(s), and you will be able to instantly hear the difference, enabling efficient fine-tuning in a variety of listening settings.
  • Convenience: This is a perfect solution for people who live far away or have difficulties getting to the clinic.
  • For First-time Hearing Aid Users: It allows our hearing care professionals to provide support during the first days and weeks with your new hearing aid(s).
  • Family Support: Additionally, using this telehealth service may provide an opportunity to include family members in your eHealth experience.

How It Works

Using a compatible iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ phone, the Oticon RemoteCare app communicates data from the user’s hearing aid(s) via an internet connection, which allows the patient to see, hear and send text messages to their hearing care professional during their telehealth appointment. You can download the instructions here.

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