How Untreated Hearing Loss Affects Daily Lives

Whether it’s your personal life, your job, or even your physical health & safety, your hearing plays a very important and vital role. Unfortunately, most people tend to think that having ‘a little’ hearing loss “isn’t that big of a deal,” and don’t realize the effects it has on their daily lives. Untreated hearing loss can affect one’s quality of life in many different ways, including socially, psychologically, physically, and even financially.

Here are 8 Ways Untreated Hearing Loss Can Affects Your Daily Lives:

  1. Social Withdrawal / Isolation: Since hearing loss can sometimes make communicating with others a challenge, a person affected may feel uncomfortable because they can’t follow the conversation and are constantly having to ask others to repeat themselves or to speak louder. And instead of dealing with the problem, the person may start to avoid situations that lead to this type of frustration and embarrassment.\
  2. Stress: Stress has been known to affect one;s health in many ways. Chronic high stress levels have been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Being unable to hear increases stress levels for many people.
  3. Depression: Depression is a serious, yet common, mental illness that can lead to a loss of interest in life, lack of happiness or joy, feeling hopeless, lack of energy, poor quality sleep, and changes in appetite and weight.
  4. Psychological / Overall Health: The mind and body have a powerful connection. When a person’s psychological health suffers, their overall enjoyment of life can diminish, and daily tasks may become challenging or seemingly impossible.
  5. Reduced Alertness / Increased Safety: Not being able to hear smoke alarms, severe weather alerts, or a vehicle approaching can lead to serious safety issues for the person affected and those around them.
  6. Reduced Job Performance & Earning Potential: If an employer doesn’t understand why you can’t follow a conversation or you appear to struggle with listening or following instructions, this can negatively impact your career and financial earnings.
  7. Negative Effects on Brain Function & Memory: Studies have shown a direct link between hearing loss and a decline in cognitive abilities. Trouble remembering important details and the inability to concentrate can further lead to isolation and a general deterioration of well-being.

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