Hearing Loss & Hearing Aid Travel Guide

Are you planning a trip in the near future? There are things to consider when you are traveling with hearing loss or hearing aids. Here are some travel tips for people with hearing loss or hearing aids.

Plan Ahead Before You Travel

Most people plan ahead when traveling, but when you have hearing loss, even more planning is needed to ensure that things go smoothly and you can get to your destination with little stress and minimal effort. As part of our hearing loss and hearing aid travel guide, here are 7 ways you can plan ahead for your trip:

  1. Don’t be shy about telling anyone you have difficulty hearing, this especially goes for flight attendants, bus drivers, train conductors, or other workers and officials along the way on your journey. Advocate for yourself; remember to ask them to speak slowly and clearly, not loudly.
  2. Use maps (digital or paper) and map out where you are going each step of the way. When you know all the details of your itinerary, you can stay on track.
  3. Pack ahead of time. Plan what you will need to pack in carry on and checked baggage (if flying). Bring your hearing aid case, extra batteries, and cleaning kit with you in your carry on baggage.
  4. Consider bringing a pair of backup hearing aids with you in case of an emergency.
  5. Plan to arrive early so that you won’t have to rush around, it will help you stay calm and on top of your travel itinerary.
  6. Learn your gates, train platform number, or map out your drive.
  7. If you are flying, opt in to text messages so that you can see any updates about your flight, gate, etc. and won’t have to rely on hearing the garbled announcements at the loud and busy airport.

Know the Rules

You should wear your hearing aids while you travel. If you are driving or taking a train, this usually isn’t a question; but if you were wondering if you are allowed to wear hearing aids on the plane, the answer is yes. This applies even if you have Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. Without them, you might miss important instructions from the flight attendant or announcements about connecting flights, arrival time, gates, and any delays. Let your flight attendant know if you can’t hear well so that he or she will know to make sure you understand everything of importance during the flight.

We are Here to Help You through All Aspects of Hearing Loss

If you have any questions about hearing loss or hearing loss prevention, please contact us at Hearing, Balance & Speech to consult with one of our hearing professionals today. We are here for you, to help with all aspects of your hearing health.

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