Hearing Aid Maintenance Guide

Proper maintenance of your hearing aid can significantly extend the life of the device. It can also ensure the device is working at full capacity. Below we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to properly maintain your device and how to troubleshoot any problems that may arise:

Tips on maintaining your device:

  • Keep your hearing device in a dry, cool place.
  • Turn off your hearing aid when not in use.  Remove the battery when the device won’t be in use for an extended period of time.
  • Carefully clean battery contacts regularly, making sure not to bend the contacts.
  • Regularly change filters so that dirt and wax don’t build up.
  • Remove any earwax buildup on the device. This can cause permanent damage.
  • Never insert objects into the sound outlet. When cleaning, use a small brush or soft cloth.
  • Never wear your hearing aid while swimming, in the shower, using a blow dryer or applying hair spray.

Common Hearing Aid Problems & Solutions:

ProblemPossible Cause(s)Solution(s)
Hearing device appears “dead”The battery may be depleted.The receiver tube may be blocked.The device may be damaged or defective.Replace the battery.Remove any blockage and clean the device.Speak to your hearing professional.
No soundThe battery may be depleted.Sound outlet may be clogged.Microphone may be clogged.Replace the battery.Clean the sound outlet or replace the wax filter.Clean the microphone opening.
Whistling or howling sound when insertedEar wax may have accumulated.Device was not inserted properly.Visit your doctor to have your ears checked.Remove the device and reinsert it.
Distorted/unclear soundThe battery may be running low.The battery may be dirty or corroded.The device may be damaged or defective.Replace the battery.Using a dry cloth, clean the battery’s surface or replace the battery.Speak to your hearing professional.
Device is not loud enoughThe receiver tube may be blocked.Your hearing has changed.Remove any blockage and clean the device.Speak to your hearing professional.

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