Hearing Aid Adjustment Period Explained

If you’re a first time hearing aid user, it may take some time to adjust to your new hearing devices. Check out these 5 tips to help you adjust to your new hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Adjustment Period Explained

If you have a hearing loss, getting fitted with hearing aids can be a life-changing experience. Like many new things, wearing hearing aids can take some getting used to. The adjustment period can be difficult, as getting used to your new devices is both a physical and emotional experience.

Hearing Aid Adjustment Period Explained

While hearing aids are designed to get you as close to your optimal hearing as possible, they are not intended to fix your hearing 100%. When you first start wearing your hearing aids, there are a number of things to consider. By establishing a routine and some adjustments to your device, your hearing will adapt and accommodate your new hearing aids.

5 Tips For First Time Hearing Aid Users

If you experienced gradual hearing loss, your first experience wearing your new hearing aids can be confusing. At Hearing Balance & Speech Center, we understand that your hearing is priceless. That’s why we want to help you make the most out of your new hearing devices. To help make your adjustment period easier, here are 5 tips for first time hearing aid users.

  1. Start Slow. It’s going to take your brain some time to identify and interpret sounds that you’re now able to hear again. Start slow by only wearing your hearing aids for a few hours at a time each day. You can gradually build up the time you wear them for.
  2. Begin In A Quiet Room. The first time you put on your hearing aids, find a quiet room in your home to start in. The ticking of a clock, the hum of your refrigerator, these everyday sounds around the house may seem very loud to you. This is normal! It’s just your brain adjusting to your adjusted hearing.
  3. Try Not To Play With The Volume Too Much. There’s a good chance that your hearing aids will automatically adjust to the various listening situations you encounter. You shouldn’t need to manually adjust your hearing aids too often. If you find you do need to turn the volume up, keep it at a safe level.
  4. Don’t Get Discouraged. The first time wearing glasses can leave us feeling dizzy. Similarly, hearing aids can feel odd for the first couple times you wear them. These feelings of discomfort should disappear after a few days. If they don’t, give our team a call and we’ll gladly check the fit of your device.
  5. Be Patient. Most importantly, be patient. It will take some time to adjust to your hearing aids.

Hearing, Balance, & Speech Center is Here to Help You

If you’re adjusting to your new hearing aids and would like further information on the adjustment period, please get in touch. The hearing care specialists at Hearing, Balance, & Speech Center would be glad to help. Contact us at Hearing, Balance, & Speech Center to speak with one of our hearing professionals. We are here to take care of all your listening needs.


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