Benefits of Hearing Aid Treatment

Treating a hearing loss with hearing aids can have many benefits. We’re looking at the benefits of hearing aid treatment.

Benefits of Hearing Aid Treatment

Treating a hearing loss with hearing aids can have a massive impact on your quality of life. The most obvious benefit to hearing aid treatment is better hearing. However, you may be unaware that there are additional benefits to hearing aid treatment besides improved hearing. Here are 5 benefits of hearing aid treatment that you may not be aware of.

  1. Protecting Cognitive Health: Your ability to hear and your brain are closely connected. Left untreated, hearing loss can put a lot of added strain on your brain. In our blog, ‘Is There A Connection Between Dementia and Hearing Loss?’ we look at research from Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging which looked at the severity of hearing loss and the risks of developing dementia.
  2. Helping to Minimize Symptoms of Tinnitus: Tinnitus affects up to 50 million Americans. It is sometimes called “ringing in the ears,” but may also manifest as buzzing, whooshing, clicking or humming. Tinnitus sufferers are hearing a sound when no external sounds are actually present. It’s not unusual for people with a hearing loss to also have symptoms of tinnitus. Treating the hearing loss with hearing aids can help to minimize symptoms. For more information, have a look at our recent blog on the links between tinnitus and hearing loss here.
  3. Improved Communication: Difficulty communicating is a common side effect of hearing loss. Hearing aids can help improve communication with your friends and family, having a knock-on benefit to your overall quality of life.
  4. Improved Earning Potential: Research published by The Better Hearing Institute looked at how hearing loss may impact someone’s earning potential. The study found that left untreated, a hearing loss can reduce potential annual earnings by as much as $30,000. However, when the hearing loss is treated with hearing aids, the risks of decreased earning reduced by up to 90%.
  5. Improved Confidence: Hearing loss can leave you lacking confidence in public, often due to a fear of mis-hearing or misunderstanding something that is said to you. Treating a hearing loss with hearing aids can help improve your ability to hear and communicate, thereby helping to improve your confidence.

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