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Protecting Your Hearing During Summer Activities

Protecting Your Hearing During Summer Activities - Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

Summer is synonymous with fun. We are here today to make sure that your ears stay safe the whole season long. Summer time mean hot temperatures, plenty of swimming, the concert scene is jumping, and fireworks are flying high. Follow our 6 tips to keep your hearing protected during these summer activities that could put your ears in danger if you don’t take precautions.

  1. Protect your hearing with ear protection during loud events like concerts, fireworks, or sporting events. Prolonged exposure to decibel levels of 85 or higher can cause noise-induced hearing loss. Concerts and fireworks are above that level. Even if you aren’t at a major event, you still think about protecting your hearing. If you are hunting this summer, gunshots can damage your hearing. The same goes for power tools and lawn mowers, so if you are planning some landscaping or work around the house this summer, chainsaws, drills, sandblasters and other power tools are all capable of causing hearing loss. Consult us about hearing protection to make sure that summer fun doesn’t have any downsides.
  2. Don’t play with fireworks. Let the professionals put on the fireworks shows and just sit back and relax. Fireworks are explosives and their sound can damage your hearing permanently.
  3. Turn down the headphones. This rule applies to all year long, headphones are becoming big problem that has lead to a global increase in hearing loss. If you are traveling this summer with your headphones or just listening to music while relaxing at the beach, turn down the volume and protect your ears. In addition to keeping the volume low, limit the time you listen to music through earphones.
  4. Give your ears a break. If you are at an event for a long time and it is very noisy, walk away and give your ears a rest from the noise. Even if you are wearing ear protection, you should still take a break occasionally.
  5. Protect your ears when swimming. Summer and swimming go together; but unfortunately that sometimes brings on swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s ear occurs when water gets trapped in the ear canal. That fluid can be a hotbed for bacteria and fungi which causes infection. If you know you are prone to swimmer’s ear, wearing ear plugs can prevent this from being a recurring problem.
  6. Make an appointment for a hearing check up. Come in a visit us this summer to have a hearing assessment and keep on top of your hearing health.

The good news is that because there is a known connection, this leaves open the possibility that preventing and treating hearing loss can stave off cognitive decline. This means protecting your hearing from noise-induced hearing loss is more important than ever. In addition, this is one more reason to get regular hearing checkups and wear hearing aids if they are prescribed.

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