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Fall and Winter Travel Season: How to Prepare to Travel with Your Hearing Aids

How to Prepare to Travel with Your Hearing Aids - Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

As fall is about to arrive, many people begin to make plans to travel during either the fall of winter seasons. If you wear hearing aids, that means making sure that they are safe during your travels and that you can hear all of the important travel instructions for whatever mode of travel you are taking. Learn what steps to take to protect your investment in your hearing aids and have one less thing to worry about with proper planning. We have a handy hearing aid travel checklist to ensure that your upcoming travel plans will be smooth, safe, and enjoyable.

  • Bring your hearing aid case to safely store your hearing aids when not wearing them.
  • Bring extra domes and wax guards along with your regular supplies, case, etc.
  • Bring extra batteries for your hearing aid and/or your battery charger if you need to recharge them. (Check the outlet conversion options if you are traveling out of the country.)
  • Bring your hearing aid cleaning kit with you so that they will stay clean and working properly throughout your trip.
  • If you are travelling some place that is humid or if rain or snow is expected, consider bringing a dehumidifier or hearing aid dryer to help dry them out while you are storing them. Always let your hearing aids air out or dry out when you aren’t wearing them.
  • When traveling by plane, wear your hearing aids so that you can hear all of the instructions from TSA, airport flight announcements, and flight crew announcements and instructions. All hearing aids, including the latest wireless models meet FAA regulations. They are allowed on planes and safe for travel.
  • If you need to protect your ears when flying, use earmuffs or noise-canceling earphones (not ear plugs since they can interfere with the air pressure or your hearing aids).
  • Schedule a checkup with us to make sure that your hearing aids are working properly and are at the right setting for your hearing needs.
  • Have fun and stay safe!

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