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Halloween Hearing Safety Tips

Halloween Hearing Safety Tips - Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

Halloween is the perfect time of year to indulge our spookier desires. The darkening nights call for horror movie marathons. Trick and treating and haunted houses give us the fright we’re looking for. 

If you have a hearing loss, Halloween can sometimes be challenging. Fear not! Our Halloween hearing safety tips will ensure you needn’t fear for your hearing this Halloween. 

Halloween Hearing Safety Tips - General Safety Tips

Stay safe this Halloween with these general safety tips:

Stay in Well Lit Areas

If you’re venturing out this Halloween, try to stay in well lit areas. This can reduce the risks of tripping over unseen cracks in the road. It’s also recommended that you stay in a group. 

Central Meeting Spot

Even with the best intentions, sometimes groups get separated. Before embarking on your Halloween adventures, agree upon a central meeting spot and a time. This way, should anyone get separated from the group, they’ll be able to reconnect at the central meeting spot.

Bring a Flashlight

Even in well lit areas, it can still be challenging to see clearly. If you rely on lip reading, don’t let conversation fall into the shadows. Bring a flashlight and spare batteries. That way, you’ll be able to lip read with ease. Plus, you can light the way! Remember to check it’s working before leaving.

Choose the Right Costume

If you’re going to be dressing up, choose your costume wisely. Avoid any costume that will cover your head or restrict your vision.

Go Neon

For added safety, you may want to wear reflective tape or a high viz vest. This ensures you’re visible! You may also want to think about wearing a neon badge that lets other people know you have hearing loss. 

Halloween Hearing Safety Tips - Hearing Safety Tips

We’ve covered general safety tips for your Halloween. Now let’s look at some tips to have a safe Halloween with hearing loss. . 

Wear Your Hearing Aids

If you wear a hearing aid device, make sure you wear it on Halloween. You’ll want to make sure you’re hearing at your best. Also use available connectivity features. You may, for example, have a hearing aid compatible phone

Bring Spare Batteries

Halloween night can often be a cold one. Colder temperatures can cause hearing aid batteries to drain faster. If you wear a hearing aid device, make sure you bring a spare pair of batteries. 

Keep your Ears Warm 

The colder weather can see an increase in ear infections. Keep your ears warm and dry to reduce the risk of an ear infection.

Protect Your Hearing From Noise

Planning on attending a spine-tingling Halloween party? Perhaps you’re planning on a haunted house. Wherever your Halloween adventures are taking you, be aware of noise. Noise induced hearing loss is preventable if you protect your hearing. 

Give Yourself Breaks

Throughout the night, give yourself little breaks. Especially if you are in a loud environment. The breaks can allow your ears to have a break. Plus, it will give you a moment of rest. It’s easy to forget how tiring concentrating on conversations can be. 

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