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Enjoying Holiday Parties with Hearing Loss

Enjoying Holiday Parties with Hearing Loss - Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

If you are dealing with hearing loss, you don’t have to miss one minute of the holiday festivities. We have a plan of action for you and tips to set yourself up for success at all the holiday parties, dinners, and gatherings this season. We will show you how to enjoy holiday parties with hearing loss.

Holiday Party Preparations

Everyone has to make preparations to go to a party. In addition to picking out an outfit and maybe a gift or dish to bring, those with hearing loss will have a few extra planning tasks to ensure that you will enjoy the party and make it the positive, joyful experience it should be. Follow our 5 tips for success at all your holiday parties this season and beyond:

  1. Don’t hide your hearing loss. Your friends and family will be happy to help you hear, they just need to know how to help, or that you even need help.
  2. Face whoever you are talking to and focus on only one person at a time. Try to stay in a quiet, lit area.
  3. Avoid sitting near the speakers, fans, or anything that is producing a background noise that will interfere with your hearing.
  4. Don’t worry about asking someone to repeat themselves and don’t pretend that you heard someone if you didn’t. That doesn’t help anyone. If you still can’t hear them, ask to move to a different area where you can hear better.
  5. Take a few breaks every hour or so. It may sound strange, but it really does help if you step away from all the noise just for a few minutes. It gives your ears a chance to “reset” so that you can come back in to the party refreshed and ready to hear more!

Ask Your Host for Help

In addition to the 5 things you can do, there are a few simple things you can ask your party host for in advance of the party.

  1. Ask if it is possible for them to have at least one room that is quieter than the rest with no television or music playing. Ideally, this would be a room free of fans, heaters, or other devices that might cause ambient noise or humming, etc. This can be where you station yourself so that you can hear optimally with less noise interference.
  2. Ask if they can keep the lights on. This will help you see and focus on who is speaking. It especially helps if you need to read lips.
  3. Ask to get involved. Help prepare drinks or food, make a toast at dinner, or plan a holiday craft or fun game with the kids. A game of old fashioned charades is an excellent idea since it is fun but doesn’t allow anyone to talk. When you are in charge of something, you control the volume and have a better understanding of what is happening and who is saying what.

Party Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

If you wear hearing aids, of course they help you hear, but a noisy party can still be a challenge if you don’t plan ahead. Here are 5 party tips for hearing aid wearers:

  1. Make sure that your batteries are charged or that you have a backup pair of batteries if they aren’t rechargeables.
  2. Clean your hearing aids before heading out to the party.
  3. Inspect them to ensure they are working properly.
  4. Adjust the settings accordingly to the listening environment at the party.
  5. If you need a hearing aid check up prior to the holidays, schedule one today so that you can enjoy the rest of the season partying with your friends and family.

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