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Coping with Hearing Loss During a Pandemic

Coping with Hearing Loss During a Pandemic - Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

We’re living in unprecedented times. Governments around the world have been trying to stem the spread of COVID-19. In the U.S., this has meant stay-at-home orders, working remotely for those able to and wearing masks.

Many of us may be socially distancing or self-isolating. The uncertainty of what’s coming next can trigger feelings of anxiety and stress. Coping with hearing loss during a pandemic can cause added stress. However, staying at homa can also provide an opportunity to rest, reflect and learn new ways to stay in touch with friends and family.

Hearing loss can present communication challenges. If you were recently diagnosed with hearing loss, you may still be trying to adapt to the best communication techniques for you. You may also find challenges you hadn’t faced before. For instance, if you tend to read lips or facial expressions to understand what people say, masks may make it hard or even impossible for you to follow a conversation. Hearing aids and masks can sometimes be a challenge.

Coping with Hearing Loss During a Pandemic

Hearing loss can, unfortunately, impact us socially. For some, withdrawing from social events is one way to avoid hearing loss causing embarrassment. Studies have shown that contrary to helping, social isolation can negatively affect our well being and mental health.

Given the added stress and anxiety of the current pandemic, many of us are left feeling wholly overwhelmed. To help, we’re taking a look at ways to help you cope with hearing loss during a pandemic.

  1. Connect with friends and family - This is extremely important. The World Health Organization has advised people who are isolating to stay connected to their friends and family. This can help avoid feelings of isolation. Not only can this help improve your mood, it’s a good way to help keep things in perspective. You are not alone in going through this.
  2. Yoga and meditation - Do you feel your anxiety levels skyrocketing? The uncertainty that’s come alongside the pandemic has left many of us experiencing higher stress and anxiety. Yoga and meditation are both great ways to help you disconnect. Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing, just your breathing. This short period of quiet reflection can help your brain hit the ‘reset’ button. If necessary, do this multiple times a day!
  3. Exercise - There are lots of great ways to exercise at home, plus exercise is well known to help boost your mood. A short, brisk walk can really help. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air.
  4. Read - What better time to leave the real-world behind and get lost in a good book. Reading can help you relax, and it can be very enjoyable. So go ahead, start working your way through your reading list.
  5. Get outside - Spring has arrived, and along with it the warmer weather. If you have a garden, now is the perfect time to get in touch with your green thumb. If you don’t have an outdoor space, take a nature walk. Getting outside and hearing the sounds of nature can be a humbling reminder that life does go on.
  6. Catch up on housework - It can be strangely therapeutic to tackle those domestic chores that you normally avoid. Clearing out your closet, organizing your cupboards, getting rid of excess clutter. Therapeutic and beneficial! Plus, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get the next time you open your closet? Priceless.
  7. Awaken your inner chef - Cooking and baking can be great ways to pass the time. Try out new healthy recipes, or go wild and try to invent something yourself.
  8. Catch up on movies and TV - Unwind with your favorite movie, or binge the latest TV show. It can be great escapism, and can really help you unwind.
  9. Join an online social group - Many of us are experiencing stress and anxiety. Look for an online social group relating to your interests or hobbies. It’s a great way to connect with like minded people, plus it keeps you socially active.
  10. Get creative - Now’s the time to paint that dresser that you’ve always wanted to. Or replace the wallpaper in the living room. Have you wanted to learn how to knit? Get creative, and release your inner artist.

Remember, many of us are dealing with this pandemic in our own way. There is no right or wrong answer. However you choose to cope, we hope you stay safe and well.

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