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Can Hearing Aids Help Improve Your Relationship?

Can Hearing Aids Help Improve Your Relationship?  - Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

Did you know? August is National Romance Awareness Month! As such, we are talking about hearing aids and relationships. As you know, hearing loss can interfere with communication, one of the main building blocks in a relationship. So we are here to answer the question, can hearing aids help improve your relationship? The answer is a resounding yes and here are some of the ways that hearing aids help bring you closer and avoid those communication problems that can plague a relationship.

Statistics on Hearing Loss and Relationships

Don’t be another statistic when it comes to hearing loss and relationship problems. Statistics show that many people who need hearing aids don’t wear them. A study from ASHA Leader revealed that 35% of participants with hearing loss said that their relationship with their significant other suffered the most out of all relationships. Yet, only 1 in 4 who should wear hearing aids actually do. A British Study shed some light on just how much hearing loss can impact relationships:

  • 69% said their hearing loss seriously hinders their ability to take part in everyday conversations with friends and family.
  • 34% lost touch with friends, and in some cases, had seen marriages fall apart due to communications breaking down because of hearing loss.
  • 44% said that relationships with their partner, friends, or family suffered because they can't hear properly.

4 Ways Hearing Aids Help Relationships

Don’t become one of the statistics listed above. Once you recognize how not having or wearing your hearing aids might be negatively affecting your relationship, perhaps that is the wakeup call you need to take action. So, how do hearing aids help relationships? Here are four ways:

  1. Social Situations Are Fun Again: So many people with hearing loss avoid social situations because it might be hard to hear. However, hearing aids will filter out background noises or even connect to entertainment devices so that you can hear anywhere from restaurants and bars to the movies.
  2. Hearing Aids Can Restore Your Independence: One of the ways that hearing loss causes problems in relationships is because you end up relying on your loved one to be your translator. Hearing aids remove that burden and restore your independence and your relationship dynamic again. That goes a long ways towards relieving frustrations that could be plaguing your relationship.
  3. Better Communication: This is probably the number one reason to wear hearing aids if you need them. Rather than asking “what” all the time or having misunderstandings due to hearing difficulties, you can work on your communication skills. Communication can be challenge for any couple, don’t let hearing loss get in the way.
  4. Increased Intimacy: As social situations are fun again, independence is restored and communication is meshing well, the result is increased intimacy. Intimacy definitely gets a boost too when you can hear your spouse whisper sweet nothings in your ear!

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