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6 Tips to Improve Your Hearing Health

6 Tips to Improve Your Hearing Health - Hearing, Balance and Speech Center

At this time of year, many of us are committing to improving our health and overall wellbeing. In this current time of increased stress and anxiety, focusing on our wellbeing just makes sense! 

Working out, eating well and being mindful are all great ways to improve your overall physical wellbeing. One thing that you may not have considered, is how you can look after your hearing health. 

6 Tips To Improve Your Hearing Health

Your hearing plays a bigger role than just letting you hear. Your ability to hear can be indicative of underlying physical conditions. Hearing also plays an important role in helping to keep your brain sharp. Looking after your hearing health can have wider reaching benefits on your overall health and wellness. 

Be Proactive

Commit to being open and vocal about your hearing needs this year. Many public venues and facilities cater for hearing loss, such as movie theaters, churches, shopping malls, restaurants and plane or train stations. A lot of assistive technology is available, you just have to ask. 

Keep Music in Your Life

Whether you listen, sing along or play an instrument, music is good for your brain health. A healthy brain is important for a healthy auditory system. By indulging in music a few times a week you train your brain to process sounds efficiently. Overall health and wellbeing also benefits from the relaxing or stimulating effects of music too. Just remember to keep it at a safe volume!

 Join A Support Group

A quick internet search will provide you with local groups, either in person or online. This hearing loss community can be a great way to share personal experiences. It can also help you socialise and access information about helpful goods and services. 

Advocate For Others

Once you are more confident speaking about your hearing loss, why not talk to someone who you feel could use a visit to the audiologist. Offer them support and insight into what's involved and explain the benefit of treatment for them and their loved ones.

Protect Yourself

Become aware of loud environments and activities; use earplugs to limit the risk of noise induced hearing loss. Loud environments we frequent and often don’t think about include walking alongside heavy traffic, public transportation, or even using household items like a hair dryer. 

See Your Hearing Healthcare Specialist 

A great way to look after your hearing health is to have regular, annual, hearing assessments. The hearing specialists at Hearing, Balance & Speech Center are here to help you with your hearing needs. If you’d like to book an appointment, please request an appointment online.

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