Hearing Aid Repairs

It is important to remember that hearing aids are advanced pieces of technology. They will need regular maintenance and the occasional repair. Learn more.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Once you have hearing aids, they become an invaluable asset to your life. It becomes hard to readjust if your hearing aids aren’t working properly and need repairs. It is important to remember that hearing aids are advanced pieces of technology with precise instruments and small, delicate parts. They will need regular maintenance and the occasional repair. We have developed this guide to help you keep them in tip top shape as well as a checklist to help you identify if your hearing aids are in need of repairs.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

Hearing aid maintenance is the best way to take care of your hearing aids. It can extend their life and quite possibly keep them out of the repair shop. Here are our top 5 tips for hearing aid maintenance:

  1. Keep your hearing aids clean and dry.
  2. Don’t expose your hearing aids to water, chemicals or hair products.
  3. Store your hearing aids in a safe place when not using them.
  4. Don’t expose your hearing aids to extreme temperatures.
  5. Follow the instructions that came with your hearing aids and listen to the directions from your hearing care professional.

How to Know if Your Hearing Aid Needs to be Repaired

You will quickly realize how much you rely on your hearing aids if they stop working properly. In some cases, it might be something simple and quick fix; in other cases, you might need to bring your hearing aids in for a repair. Here is how to tell the difference and some of the reasons you should call us to schedule a repair:

  • Do you see visible damage?
  • Is it whistling or making feedback noises?
  • Is it no longer fitting correctly?
  • Is the tubing or wires disconnected?
Hearing Aid Repairs - Hearing, Balance, & Speech Center

The sooner you address the problem with your hearing aid, the better. Not only will it get you back to hearing faster, but some repair issues can get worse if left alone. If you have gone through our checklist and have determined that your hearing aid is in need of repair, call us right away and schedule an appointment. We also offer walk-in appointments for maintenance and repairs at three of our clinics: Hamden, Branford, and Waterbury. Walk-in repair and maintenance hours are:

  • Branford: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1pm to 2pm
  • Hamden: Monday thru Thursday from 1pm to 2pm
  • Waterbury: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1pm to 2pm

Hearing, Balance, & Speech Center is Here to Help You with all Your Listening Needs

Have more questions about hearing aids? Need to make an appointment for repairs? Please contact us at Hearing, Balance, & Speech Center to speak with one of our hearing professionals. We are here to help you make the most of your hearing aids and take care of all your listening needs.


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