5 Signs Your Hearing Aid Doesn’t Fit Properly

Your hearing aid is a crucial part of your life, allowing you to engage with the world and communicate effectively. However, if it doesn’t fit properly, it may not be providing the best possible experience.

At Hearing, Balance & Speech Center, we understand the importance of a snug and comfortable fit. In this blog, we’ll explore the signs that indicate your hearing aid may not be fitting as it should and how to address these issues.

5 Signs Your Hearing Aids Need a “Better” Fit

  1. Discomfort and Irritation: If you’re experiencing discomfort, itching, or irritation in your ear, it’s a clear indication that your hearing aid might not be fitting correctly. It should feel comfortable and nearly unnoticeable in your ear. Our hearing care professionals can help adjust the fit for a more pleasant experience.
  2. Feedback and Whistling Sounds: An ill-fitting hearing aid can produce feedback or whistling sounds. This not only disrupts your hearing, but can be embarrassing in social situations. It’s essential to have your hearing aid’s fit and settings checked to eliminate this issue.
  3. Inconsistent Sound Quality: If you notice inconsistent sound quality or find that the hearing aid is not amplifying specific frequencies effectively, it could be due to a poor fit. Our experts can assess and calibrate your hearing aid to ensure a consistent and clear sound experience.
  4. Difficulty Keeping the Device in Place: Your hearing aid should stay securely in your ear without falling out or shifting. If you constantly need to readjust it, it’s a sign that it doesn’t fit correctly. Our team can make necessary modifications to improve stability.
  5. Reduced Battery Life: An improperly fitting hearing aid may use up its battery life more quickly because it’s working harder to compensate for the fit issues. If you’ve noticed a significant reduction in battery life, it’s time for a fit check.

Get Your Perfect Fit at Hearing, Balance & Speech Center

At Hearing, Balance & Speech Center, we understand the importance of a well-fitting hearing aid for your hearing and overall quality of life. If you recognize any of these signs or simply want to ensure your hearing aid is optimized for your needs, contact our experts for a professional assessment and adjustment. If you’d like to book an appointment, please call us today on 203-774-5642 or request an appointment online.

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