4 Signs It’s Time for New Hearing Aids

If you are dealing with hearing loss, you may find over time that you need to change your hearing aids. With about 15% of American adults dealing with some level of hearing loss, it’s not surprising that this is a common situation. The stigma that comes with hearing aids, however, often stops hearing aid wearers from reaching out if their hearing aid is doing the job for them.

Sometimes the need for a new hearing aid sneaks up on us. Use these tips to make sure that your hearing aid is working at optimal levels.

Is It Time For A New Hearing Aid?

  • Has your ability to hear changed?

If your ability to hear has changed, it might be time to upgrade or update your hearing aid. The fact is that age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, can worsen over time and as we age. Even with the use of hearing aids, our hearing condition can continue to get worse.

Here are some signs that your hearing has gotten worse:

  • You notice that you are turning up the volume on your hearing aids or the TV.
  • You find yourself regressing, unable to hear in situations that you were before.
  • Being able to hear in crowded places has suddenly gotten harder.

2.) Are your hearing aids old?

The average hearing aid age ranges from three to seven years. If your hearing aids fall into that range and don’t seem to be working well. It might be time to replace them. Another component related to the age of your hearing aid is related to technology. Advances can make an upgrade to your hearing aid worth your while. 

3.) Has your health changed?

Many health conditions can directly or indirectly impact your hearing. Be sure to inform your audiologist if you have a change to your health condition, even if you’re not sure if it is relevant. Even something like arthritis can impact your ability to navigate putting your hearing aid on while other conditions like head injuries, viruses or autoimmune diseases can cause your hearing abilities to decline.

4.) Has your lifestyle changed?

If you have a major change to your lifestyle, it might be a good idea to reexamine your hearing aids. Whether you have taken up a new sport or begun to travel more frequently, it may be time for a new hearing aid. Speak to your hearing health professional to see what your options are and how to ensure that your hearing aid meets your needs in the most optimal way.

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One of the best things you can do if your hearing aid gets wet is to contact your hearing aid professionals. They are the most qualified to help you assess the amount of damage and also explore options like repair and warranties. One of the most important reasons to contact your hearing aid professionals is to ensure that you don’t suffer without adequate hearing support any longer than you need to. In other words, if you need a replacement, you want to get that ordered as soon as possible.

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