Hearing, Balance and Speech Center
serving the Hamden community and surrounding areas with hearing loss solutions for over 25 years

We are a practice with a passion – we do not just dispense hearing aids, we provide better hearing through technology, education and counselling. We truly understand that hearing is priceless and the effect it has on our overall health and social interaction.

For individuals who may have a hearing problem, Hearing, Balance and Speech Center offers state-of -the-art testing, diagnostics, and the latest in hearing technologies from all manufacturers. We treat our patients like a family and find a solution for each patient based upon their specific needs.

Our center is well known for its ability to develop innovative methods for helping those who are hard of hearing, suffer from tinnitus or other sound sensitivity disorders. We provide solutions to meet our patient’s needs.

We care and listen to our patients, we pride ourselves in knowing that we change people’s lives giving them the opportunity to engage with their friends and loved ones.

New England Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic

New England Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic - Hamden, CT

Specialized Tinnitus and Hyperacusis treatment

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ReSound LiNX2

The latest in smart hearing

Discover the benefits of smart hearing that adapts to you and your lifestyle with ReSound LiNX2. You’ll enjoy top-rated sound quality and listening comfort from sunrise to sunset and have a clear sense of the space and sounds around you with Spatial Sense™.

When you get to work or meet up with friends, engage in conversations knowing you’ll follow every word effortlessly, even when noise levels get high – with the help of Binaural Directionality™II.

Take a phone call as you pull on your jacket and walk across the windy parking lot. As you drive home, stream your latest playlist, audiobook or podcast from you iPhone® without wires or something dangling from your neck. At the end of the day, you’ll still have energy to spare for your loved ones. Because all that hearing, which used to wear you out, now seems so natural and effortless.

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